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ART Cube Desktop Toy Puzzle Highlight

SKU A0475
ART Cube Multicolor Wooden Cube Puzzle
ART Cube Puzzle Wooden Cube Green Black
ART Cube Wooden Cube Puzzle Yin Yang
ART Cube Highlight Wooden Cube Puzzle

Explore your inner artist by instantly creating your own architectural designs. There are no puzzles to solve and no loose pieces to put together. 

The goal is not just to get back into the shape of the cube, but to find the right angles and manipulate the elastically connected pieces of wood to form the wonderful structures that come out of you.

Unleash your creativity and create your own artistic manifestation with this ingenious design. Instant design creations without limits.

The ingenious design of this unique structure consists of 12 colored wooden blocks connected by an elastic cord There is only one way to re-form the cube but thousands of ways to design your own construction

Great design toy that not only allows you to create endless artistic figures, but also serves as a decorative element and to support typical everyday objects




6,4 x 6,4 x 6,4 cm


Made of FSC maple wood with non-toxic colored stains;
designed in germany